by Still x Strong

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released May 29, 2011

Seven Eight Life Recordings



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Still x Strong São Paulo, Brazil

Vegan Straight Edge band from São Paulo - Brazil

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Track Name: Satanic Memories Of Dismembered Flesh
Day after day
tests after tests
in the realms of death
victims are dismembered.

Fear, suffering, flesh all around
Devil's experiments
in search of non existing solutions.

Crawling verms, spilling from their guts.
Day after day toxics wastes, these dayd are dying.

The satanic ritual of destruction goes on.
New generations will have the demoniac legacy.

Demon's getting closer
and all that they can do is scream.
Now dead, cos' they are weak and defenseless
to the damned tyrants that need their blood.
A factory of death, an unecessary ritual
pay to the devil itself the price.

There's not enough effort
when the ultimate victory is life.
Track Name: Shame
And I figure it out how it should be.
No more spaces for us to be here.
People forget everyday the things they used to say.
Kick the hourglass, as the sand fades away.

If I have any mistake, is just to be the same.

And it's sad to see how many leave my hand.
to see how many embrace disgrace.
A life in change of shame!
A life in change of shame!

When we could fly and touch the skies.
when we could live and not be seen.
when we could feel and not be guilty.
A life in trade of shame!
Track Name: Insecurity Level
Afraid, so afraid of who can be happier than you.
Ashamed, so ashamed of what you hide from you.
It was never a matter of disguises, it's just a matter of rights.
An insecurity covered with hipocrisy and lies.

A segregation of hate, humilliation.
Society try to deny, parents avoid their eyes.
Hoping for a better life, deceiving a suicide solution.
Love denied, tortured life, homophobia at its high.

Rage on what you don't understand!
Insecurity. What do you fear?
Track Name: Color Of Hate
Your hate is going right back at you
Condenmed, recluse, that´s what your life is
Keep running and hiding, living scared
A politic of fear and hatred

And why you still insist in white supremacy?
Life shows your everyday defeat.
Your league leading to nowhere
and I can bet that you don´t even know nothing about it.

Social hatred related to races
An unecessary basis created
to belief that genetic facts can determinate
that some race is truly primary.

Uncomprehension and misunderstanding.
Home of the thief, land of the slave.
So far in the so called evolution
but still people show symptons and facts of division.
Track Name: Why Can't You be Vegan?
Don't tell me you can´t understand!
No, don't tell me you didn't understand!
Always trying to find any defect
In my way of life and what I chose for me

(Asking me) how can I stay so long?
(Asking me) if someday I'll go wrong?
Hell, no!
Why can´t you be vegan?

Yeah, right. V-E-G-A-N, VEGAN!
This is what I live, this is what I say!
Cryin' won't help, prayin won't do no good!
To those that are suffering, tortured and caged.
Exactly the point your life can´t reach,
This is the place where we separate.

Yeah, separate, from those who stood to fight against your luxury of death!

A sensation of seconds just to hear you
how I can stay this way.

Your paradise of colors, taste and dairy.
Their hell of guts, blood and shit.
Track Name: Straight Edge
Sem solidão, sem medo de lutar,
Espreitando em silêncio, a nossa chamada.
Os nervos despertam, a minha essência evidente nos meus punhos.
Uma forma primitiva de encarnar uma resistência!

Meus compassos diminuem, minha respiração me compromete.
A escuridão me alia nessa causa onde não há glórias, só luta.
A caminhada prossegue sem descanso ou memórias
O que passou não me afeta, o que me espera conforta.
O meu trajeto é reto, direto ao limite.
Desistir da esperança é desistir da vida.

Quando faltar a amizade, vai prevalecer a verdade!
Straight edge, caminhada sem fim, eu vou persistir, não vou desistir!
Track Name: Awake and Disturbed
Awake and disturbed, again I feel the pain
Lost in a cause that's already gone
Hopeless sense of hipocrity compassion
No place for brotherhood and shareness

Cos' we are living our hardest times
Bringing hate to these last days
Away will be the days
We didn't save

We are not free of anything
We bounce on the edge of the shame
Idols made of stone are cracking up
With all the things that made we break

Away will be the days we didn't save.
Track Name: You Can't Sink It
Would you think that distance might change us?
Would you think that we really cared?
To those who are here, and against those who are not,
Courage and bravery, Will not be forgot.

Alive, alert, everyone stirs again
Madness will Beneath, but proud in my duty I stand
The words that lips could not express
Now speaks to me in jest

No longer breaks unto the shore
I'll sail upon this ship no more
When I am free, and you are not
Courage and bravery, Will not be forgot.

And how so many left me
To embrace the land
And for each fellow with me,
Ten more will leave

You won't be forgot
Never, ever, will not be forgot
Track Name: Cornerstone
Worthless, the road that we built is turning gray
The good and the old is fading away
And we remain in the cornerstone
Of the days passed a long time ago.

And there's no way to bring it back
No one should start it, but still
We receive misery even if we give love.
Foundation on which my strenght is built.

The wings of the perseverance, for my destiny to be fulfilled.
To never be put away before our burden ceases.
Until there is no rock left to hold us
Steady to the bangs of war.

With the anguish of the broken hearted
No longer mourning for the dead.
Carrying grief in our breasts,
We rise against the lies written on stone.