Girl EP

by Still x Strong

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released August 10, 2012

Seven Eight Life Recordings



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Still x Strong São Paulo, Brazil

Vegan Straight Edge band from São Paulo - Brazil

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Track Name: Girl
Deeply rooted in our hearts and minds
A gender issue untouchable
Never natural, not obvious
But truly sad and disgusting

Dedicated daughter, what do you win?
A teorical construction just trying
To fit a social dominant model
Searching to fundament a moral
Ignorance and domestic slavery
Captive at home, no perspective

Suffering remains, shattered dreams
Her hope is destroyed, her life ends

Dedicated daughter, what do you win?
Track Name: Sun Strikes
Temptation breaking all your resistance
Discovering darkness, Innocence swept away
A sinful way of life is turning things over
Everybody laughs with you, temptation has won

A new source of greed, all is replaced
Just solemn days, with lack of surprises
Sun strikes a whole dead flesh
A warm heart stops to beat

Content for now, but lost for good
Wandering for nothing, no will to change

Content for now.
Track Name: Eat Your Puppy
Convenience and a false morality
Dictates your hipocrisy
You say you love this, or you love that
But we all know, from the deep of your lies
That you don´t love anything at all
A feeling corrupted by a false tradition
That everybody insists to follow and perpetrate
No one is free until everbody is out
Speciesism at the table, your dinner is your puppy
Please enjoy the meal and drink the blood
Track Name: Just Hate It
The way you drive me mad, because my head won't shut
And at this very moment I know you will try to glad me
And my mind will scream, and this burning will not cut
Above all I'm sorry

How you made me fall, and how I see myself
The way you try to make us blind, because I know this is real
thinking a thousand thoughts and see me trapped in a cell
Above all I'm sorry

I wouldn't like to be so predictable, but inside me is a lit hell
My teeth grits when I realize that I still have to live
Because sometimes, I would like to die and forget all this shit
Above all I'm sorry to admit that I don't believe anymore
I just hate it.